What’s The Best Bluetooth Aviation Headset Available?

What’s The Best Bluetooth Aviation Headset Available?


Every pilot knows one of the most important factors in aviation headsets are the noise cancelling features it provides the user. But theres also a couple more important and unique features many love to have and look for when purchasing or utilizing an aviation headset, it’s bluetooth capability! Bluetooth allows you to make use of your mobile phone as well as any music source wirelessly within the cockpit. Theres no need to tuck your cellular phone beneath your headset or using mobile phone adapters with many cords and extra adapters. Bluetooth capable headsets will work with just about any mobile phone that allows Bluetooth connection.
Bluetooth incorporated headsets are Ideal for processing a flight plan, checking weather, calling for fuel, acquiring a clearance in an uncontrolled field, calling for a taxi. Major communications for experimental and ultralight pilots. We have an extensive amount of reviews regarding aviation headsets on this site, so we decided to narrow it down to the best bluetooth aviation headset.

1. Bose® A20(Aircraft-powered w/Bluetooth, Electret mic, Straight cord, 6-pin plug)


bose 2When it comes to the best bluetooth aviation headset  it’s no secret the Bose A20 wins that argument in all category’s. Despite the reasons you fly, the Bose A20 Aviation Headset is designed to enhance the experience. It offers 30% increased noise reduction than any other traditional aviation headsets, which assists you to remain focused on your flying. It offers very clear audio with dynamic equalization. Along with its minimal clamping force, it tends to make even your lengthiest flights much more comfortable. Developed for aircraft owners who like an installed, aircraft powered headset, the 6-pin self-latching plug is placed to the panel connector of your installed wire harness.


The headset’s huge selection of capabilities incorporate a high-performance electret microphone which has a Bluetooth audio and communications interface, auto-on (when using aircraft power), personalized audio prioritization control with “mute” and “mix” settings and straightforward, intuitive operations for plug-and-fly convenience. You can select the right or left ear cup to be connected with the mic. The A20 headset is professional and certified to FAA TSO C139 standards. It’s one of several least heavy of most active noise cancelling headsets as well as a best seller for it’s bluetooth capability! Not any other headset offers this phenomenal mixture of pros and cons.


2. David Clark Dc Pro-x best2

david clarkThis list would not be complete without a David Clark headset. David Clark is the most used and durable aviation headset on the market today, and is a favorite for many pilots. The Control Module doesn’t use any extra wires and is also in line with the two connectors. The controls are super easy to utilize plus the unit can’t be unintentionally switched on or off. It features a beneficial function “Auto Shutoff. This feature turns off the unit once the audio panel is turned off or headset is disconnected…or not in phone call. The preservation of power supply is exceptional. The Control Module is slightly larger than the two AA batteries placed in series.


Another cool feature is the possibility that the Bluetooth from the unit can function whilst the headset is disconnected from the airplane. Therefore, the MP3 feature and call feature works extremely well away from the aircraft while combined with a smart phone. I made use of the iPhone 6 which paired within seconds. This selection is beneficial if phone communications are needed in a noise ramp with a GPU or APU running. Under these circumstances the headset really allows crisp and clean communications too. The head set is not going to Auto Shutoff whilst the phone line is active. After the phone line is cutoff, the timer will Auto Shut-Off in five minutes. Auto Shut Off is a feature which could even be disabled.

The headset is comfortable. However, it requires plenty of trials to discover the comfortable position. The headset if not worn is made to spring load to a folded position. This really is ideal for stowage but could certainly be a hassle when one just really wants to hang them. To achieve this, you must place the earphones in a face-to-face position to ensure there’ll be clearance to hang the device through the headband. All in all this headset is ideal for many pilots and will not let down anybody willing to purchase.


3. Lightspeed Tango Wireless Bluetooth Aviation Headsetbest3



The Lighspeed Tango, which is anothe “bluetooth” favorite. Is designed for pilots who take flying seriously and want the least amount of noise when flying. Using the newest sound technology, The Taango get’s rid of any unwanted noise that occurs whilst flying. It also features some of the most comfortable pair of soft headphones you could imagine. The extra comfy soft cushion makes the headset feel so light and is perfect for prolonged cross-country flying. But the things that makes this one of the best bluetooth aviation headset on this list is the innovative fully flexible microphone beam with wind screen that allows ATC as well as your associates to listen to you loud and clear. The Tango aviation headset makes use of front electret technology which gives great noise cancellation, plus the microphone continues to be improved upon to provide high-quality crystal clear transmission. These functions will guarantee that not one person will mishear another essential word in virtually any conversation you might have while airborne.


The headset also features bluetooth capability which is great while flying, you can listen to your favorite songs the whole time while flying. No need to turn it off as any incoming calls will lower your music extensively to the point where you will not notice which song is playing and can pay full attention to transmissions! When it comes to noise cancelling headphones the Lightspeed Tango will give functions you would not think any other aviation headset could provide you, definitely a great buy for all pilots.