What Exactly Is The Best Inexpensive Aviation Headset?

What Exactly Is The Best Inexpensive Aviation Headset?

Among the initial equipment pieces that a student pilot will typically buy is undoubtedly an aviation headset. Any experienced pilot would excitedly share his view on such. That being said, after spending about $1,000-10,000 in pilot school fees, most student pilots wouldn’t have the adequate amount of funds for a top-notch aviation headset. Needless to say, we all want the fancy race car over the SUV as the saying goes, but is it within your means at this time? What you should want is the appropriate fit for you and your ideal student pilot headset, but for a lower and reasonable price!

So What Is The Best Inexpensive Aviation Headset?

There are several options for the best inexpensive aviation headset, however that one headset that doesn’t sacrifice quality over cost is what you should really want. What functions should a student or even airline pilot headset have? Here are a few that you need to be aware of.

Due to the fact you are searching for an aviation headset that is affordable, aviation headsets with the classic passive noise control is going to be enough to suit your needs. There’s a more modern technology called ANC or Active Noise Cancellation and it is rather superior to passive noise control having said that, as a student pilot with limited funds this can be a little too much.

Next, one of the main concerns could well be how much noise your headset could diminish. Somewhere around for example 24 db (decibels) is appropriate.

Communication is among the essential elements in flying an airplane, so you would want a great mic with noise cancellation too. You wouldn’t want extra background noises filling your transmissions, would you? All things have to stay in great shape such as the mic.

Gel Seals ear-seals and head-pads which help in noise cancellation and help promote comfort and ease respectively would be enough to what you’ll need as a student pilot.

Stereo Headset – Make certain even for a student, you should have stereo headphones as that is now the way forward for aviation headsets as new design intercoms allow for dual-radio listening functions now where one radio is prominent in a single ear or another – ensure you’re equipping yourself NOW for the long run.

With all of these functions considered. We go down to the budget. Is there a student pilot headset on the market available that might be less than $100? Short answer, YES!

Air RA200 Black General Aviation Pilot Headset

61lsjK7KYQL._SL1000_The RA200 General Aviation headset. The ideal aviation headset for pilots, instructors, passengers, flight schools, and student pilots. This top rated headset is not only an inexpensive value; it demonstrates you might have what you would like in an aviation headset without having to break your budget. With foam ear seals, stainless-steel headpiece and deep pocket ear canals, student pilots and flight instructors will love the all day long convenience of the RA200. Clear and dependable transmission’s between team, passengers, instructors, and the tower are all essential to your flight and pleasure. Set the RA200 to work and you’ll question why you haven’t tried it sooner! Specifically designed for use with dual-plug style General Aviation avionics, this and the CP-1 are the only actual aviation headsets under $100 many veteran pilots would probably consider.


CRAZEDpilot CP-1 Aviation Headset

414Oz0fPgULThe most affordable yet comfy STEREO aviation headset available on the market with GEL EAR SEALS! The CRAZEDpilot CP-1 headset well worth every dime for student pilots or that spare headset you might need. Completely flexible mic boom having a LOCKING knob to put it exactly where you would like it. Individual volume control knob on each side, with built-in stereo/mono selector switch within the knob.

It also incorporates quality gel filled ear seals and head-pad for all those longer flights. With 24dB of Passive Noise Reduction the CRAZEDpilot CP-1 headsets are similar in performance to David Clark, but minus the cost. You can actually check out some of the best David Clark aviation headsets here! The steel construction flexible mic boom and flexible headband lasts an eternity. The molded two-plug aviation cable was created to last with its built-in strain relief.

Get the CRAZEDpilot CP-1 today, you will not repent purchasing!

ASA HS-1 Aviation Pilot Headset

ASA HS-1 Aviation HeadsetLast but not least the HS-1 might not be under $100 but for it’s price, you have to admit it’s pretty cheap! You can Shield your ability to hear, and also not miss out on any radio calls, and be certain your transmissions are listened to with this feature-rich, value-priced headset: * Ear-cups of high-density acoustic foam for best inexpensive aviation headset which has noise reduction rating (NRR) 23 dB * High fidelity speakers for clear, natural sound * Electret, noise-canceling flex-boom microphone reduces background noise and allows clearest voice transmission * Gold-plated microphone and headphone plugs ensure best connection and resist corrosion * High-grade, multi-strand wire improves cable life * Stereo/mono capability * Large, dual controls for quick, easy volume adjustment of each ear * Microphone muff * Adjustable headband with easy thumb screws eliminates “hot spots” and accommodates eyeglasses and any head size * Quality foam ear seals and light weight add to general comfort * Sleek, all-black design with ASA silver wings tastefully silk-screened on each ear-cup * Durable and trusted yet very affordable for optimum value and also a Lifetime warranty.



With that being said there are numerous amounts of decent aviation headsets available on the market that are under $500, $200, or even $100 you just have to know which are good quality or utterly bad quality made crap. Posted on this site you can find our other articles on the best aviation headsets under $300. To conclude this informative short-guide, we hope you find the best headset for your needs, but remember your more than likely going to need to upgrade sooner or later.